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Murad Products at this Boutique

Murad founder, Howard Murad, M.D., defines vision and direction for Murad. Dr. Murad provides direct oversight to the Murad Inclusive Health Center® and Spa, Murad Medical Group and Murad Research Laboratories and travels the world speaking both as a brand ambassador and skin-health educator.

A board-certified dermatologist, pharmacist and Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) at UCLA, Dr. Murad is widely acknowledged as one of the world's foremost authorities on skin health. A true visionary, Dr. Murad has changed the fields of skincare and dermatology. His pioneering efforts include creation of the first line of doctor branded skincare, the development of the first Esthetic AHA formulations, the first medical spa and the first Inclusive Health Center®. He continues to create cutting edge formulations for topical and Internal Skincare®, including countless discoveries that have translated ethnobotanical resources into important advances in health and wellness.

Dr. Murad introduced his breakthrough discovery, The Cellular Water Principle®, in his book Wrinkle-Free Forever. Dr. Murad shared more of the fruits of his research in The Cellulite Solution and is currently working on a third book.

Dr. Murad continues to actively see patients and has seen more than 50,000 patients over the course of his career.

Skincare Philosophy

"As a dermatologist, pharmacist and researcher, I have devoted my life to making beautiful, healthy skin attainable for everyone.
A healthy complexion is a reflection of total wellness both inside and out. This, in turn, creates a healthy environment for the skin so that if problems do arise, they resolve more easily.

Furthermore, skincare can lead the way to overall health. Take all the necessary steps to achieve healthy skin—including the right products, the proper nutrients (from both food and supplements) and positive lifestyle choices—and over time, your whole body will be healthier too."

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